Sustainability Summit

Sustainability Summit:

Recyclability Issues Related to Embellishments in Packaging

Join us in Minneapolis the day before Amplify opens.

Monday, June 13, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

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Addressing Today’s Critical Topics

A 3-hour program dedicated to examining sustainability issues in print and packaging, especially around the recyclability of products with special finishing applications.

1:00 to 1:45 pm

Design Guidance for Recyclability: An Overview

The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) recently released its Design Guidance for Recyclability of Paper-based Packaging to help those involved in the design and manufacturing of paper-based packaging meet customers’ needs and demands in terms of recycling. This program will review the report on the impact of various non-fiber elements frequently found on paper-based packaging on the recyclability in paper mills, including inks, coatings, foils and other materials.

Terry Webber, American Forest & Paper Association      

1:45 to 2:30 pm

Follow the Data: Foil Recyclability Studies

Peterson and King discuss results from the FSEA Study on the Repulpability and Recyclability of Foil Decorated Paper/Board and the Cold Foil Study from Western Michigan.

Foil & Specialty Effects Association Study on the Repulpability and Recyclability of Foil Decorated Paper/Board 

This presentation will outline the findings from a recent study conducted by Georgia Tech’s Renewable Bioproducts Institute and commissioned by FSEA. It will discuss the study and experiments performed and the conclusion that foil decorated paper and board do not create a problem in the recyclability/repulpability of paper and/or board in common repulping processes.

Cold Foil Study on Repulpability and Recyclability from Western Michigan

This presentation will discuss the findings from recent testing commissioned by Eagle Systems to provide data on the repulpability and recyclability of cold foil decorated paper/board. The testing was completed through Western Michigan University. The findings, which showed that cold foil decorated paper/board is repulpable and recyclable, will be discussed.

Jeff Peterson, Foil & Specialty Effects Association

Mike King, Eagle Systems

2:30 to 2:45 pm


2:45 to 3:30 pm

Panel: Sustainability & embellishments: what customers/Brand Owners want to know

This panel of industry experts will discuss packaging sustainability from the perspective of the brand owner. What are the customers’ concerns as they relate to metallic foil decorating and sustainability issues? Discussion points will include:

  • What questions and feedback are customers/brand owners/marketers asking as it pertains to decorative foils and sustainability?
  • What materials or information are you providing to your customers and brand owners to help educate them on the repulpability and recyclability of metallic decorated paper/board?
  • What does “recyclable” actually mean? What have studies shown about the recyclability of foil-decorated paper/board? Are further studies needed?
  • How much metal (aluminum) is contained in decorative metallic foils? Is it a significant amount? Does it cause potential problems in the repulpability of paper/board?
  • What further suggestions do you have for FSEA and our industry as a whole to better educate brand owners and the public on metallic decorating processes?

Eric Longnecker, Diamond Packaging

Dennis Bacchetta, Diamond Packaging

Scott Tacosik, Kurz Transfer Products

3:30 to 4:00 pm

Alternatives for Hot & Cold Foil Waste: Eliminating the landfill

Frost will discuss the Channeled Resources partnership with FSEA in creating an alternative for foil waste. Using a global network, Channeled Resources finds sustainable alternatives for nonrecyclable waste and other obsolete materials. Frost will explain the relationship with Convergen Energy and its ability to create EPA-approved combustible fuel pellets from foil and other obsolete waste to eliminate or lessen landfill disposal.    

Calvin Frost, Channeled Resource

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